Season 2,

Working With Foam Part 2 – S2E12

May 30, 2017

Michael and Jay continue their discussion on working with Foam.  The focus is on EPS or Styrofoam models and how to fix them.  Michael talks about his StarMax F18 and the repairs he has done due to some mishaps during flight.  Jay talks about Bluecore foam and some of the projects he has encountered.


  1. Jim Malloch says:

    Thanks Mike and Jay for the shout out. Jay is taking care of me,HA…….Jay now has a
    dedicated flying field to fly from. He was instrumental in getting permission that
    we’ve been seeking for a couple of years, long story. Jay you’da man.

    Jay, will be cutting the field on Friday, so come out and show us gas/glow guys what you got.

    On subject, I’m sure you guys have covered this before.
    What size electric motor is equal to glow .40, .60, .90 etc, (KVA to HP)
    What size ESC/BEC for each motor?
    Can I use a 4s battery on a 3s motor or 3s battey on a 4s motor?
    When to use a separate BEC and not use BEC from BSC?
    T connectors(I hate) or bullet?

    Jay, thanks for the parts list on the Zagi. I do fly electric, I have the
    96″ Super Sky Surfer that is modified, bigger engine(oops motor),
    separate BEC, GPS, Altimeter, Heat sensor, RF and Low voltage alarms,
    Night Leds, all on FrSky. Plus a Pilot One Cabin Waco 54″.

    Jay, see ya at the Ranch. Keep up the great Podcast guys…
    Jim/crappy glow/gas flyer
    Canyon Lake, Texas

    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      Jim, it is always a pleasure hearing from our listeners and getting input on making our podcast better. Congratulations on the new field dedication and yes Jay is good at getting those things done. We will most definitely do a few episodes on your suggestions and thanks once again for everything. Keep up the electric flying and looking forward to a great summer. !!

  2. Mike Barsalou says:

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and just went for it!

    I had an old MX2 from HK that I hadn’t flown in a while. When I went to go fly it, I couldn’t find the wing mounting bolts. That was sad.

    So I decided to just go ahead and reconfigure the plane with some other bolts instead.

    That meant I had to remove some of the original pieces and add some ply to it.

    I’ll report back when I fly it next if what I have done worked out or not.

    Thanks for the interesting ideas and the laughs!

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