About Us

Michael Mohn


Michael grew up in Texas with an eye to the sky. He knew he wanted to fly from early on and got his first taste of RC one Christmas when his uncle gave him a COX control line aircraft. Setting his sights on an aviation career it was off to college where he met Jay and became fast friends. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a professional Aviation Degree and has spent the last 28 years in the Aviation profession. He has an Airline Transport pilots license and currently flies a B757/767 for American Airlines.  He has flown RC for over 14 years and is an AMA instructor as well as a full scale CFII-MEI. He also flies Aerobatics and competes with the International Aerobatic Club in full size aircraft.  You can usually find him Tuesday mornings at Flyers park with the North Scottsdale Foamie League.

Jay Neeley


Jay grew up in upstate New York and joined the US Air Force out of high school. He would later attend Louisiana Tech University (befriending Michael)  where he completed AFROTC and retired after 20+ years as a commissioned Officer.  Jay has flown RC for over 18 years and currently resides in Anchorage Alaska.  Jay has worked variety of jobs since retirement; artillery simulator techAlaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection w/Homeland Security. Jay is a hardy soul, flying in freezing weather in the winter and into the late evenings of Alaska “midnight sun” during its short summers.  You will find him out at parks flying RC aircraft  with one eye on the plane and the other on an occasion bear or moose crossing the field!




Mike grew up in Virginia where he graduated high school. Shortly after he found himself in Alaska.  Most of his career he has been working with computers in some way, programming, fixing or administering them.  His current work involves project managment with AT&T.  Mike has been involved in RC for the majority of his life but has become more involved after being caught by the foam build bug. He recently built a foam plane CNC cutter to help him make more complicated foam parts and his most recent plane was a “paper airplane” looking coreplast plane that he uses as a target for others to shoot at with paintballs.

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