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Welcome to the Arizona Electric Festival 2018 here in Mesa AZ.  Join your hosts Michael and Jay along with AK Mike as they take part in the Festivities.  This Episode is Day one of the 3 day event and we are pleased to have Clark, a scratch builder on with us today.  He has put together a HUGE concord foamy with two 90MM EDFs to power this amazing plane.  Jay has an opportunity to talk to Steven and Jason who build their Star Wars inspired Star Destroyer which was a big hit with the crowd.  AK Mike takes us through the UMX micro gaggle where 17 UMX planes were in the air at the same time.  Very impressive !  Michael and Jay are joined by Jim Mohan, the AMA Associate VP for District X to discuss the upcoming events and some recent ones.  Finally the guys wind down the evening with a wrap up to the day and a chat about the maiden of their night walrus. The flight tonight was the shakedown to get ready to participate in the Night Fly on saturday.  Stay Tuned for Part 2 of our podcast with will cover Saturdays events with even more vendors and a look at the new F4 from Motion RC.  Thanks for your support and we look forward to your comments and reviews.AZEF

Jay and AK Mike were asked to test fly the new Clipped Wing Cub from E-FLight and give a short review.  Here is the link to the Video

We are excited this week to have Jay and Mike arrive in Phoenix to attend the Arizona Electric Festival.  Jay arrives in time to join Michael in preparing for AK Mikes arrival and getting prepared for this weekend.  Join the guys as they discuss what to bring and what they are excited to see fly this weekend.

Alaska Mike travels down to california to see his sister.  During his stay he is makes arrangements to visit a few of the RC fields close to his sisters place.  Join the guys as they get a report of the adventures along the way.

Michael gets to spend the week down in Texas with Jay.  The guys put together the rest of Jays Hobby room and build the turbo beaver.  This weeks episode recounts the weeks adventures and has jay maiden the Beaver.  The week in Texas was fun filled with several trips to Winn Field and a stop over at a new area where Jay was able to finally maiden the Stuka.  Wind and Rain didn’t stop the guys from taking advantage of the flying conditions around the area.  Thanks for joining us this week and hope to hear from you, let us know how we are doing at


Michael, Jay and AK Mike discuss their purchase of the TS-100 soldiering iron.  The pros and Cons and AK Mike’s first to use it so he gives his review.  Check out our episode page to find the links to this unit.  We really like it and you can use a battery for soldiering in the field.  The quadcopter guys have been using this iron for a while and we found out…Enjoy the podcast and let us know if you are using this unit or have purchased one.

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