Season 2,
54 Min

RC Safety – S2E2

January 17, 2017

Michael and Jay discuss some of the several mishaps that they have encountered over the years.  Some of the Do’s and Dont’s out at the field.  The new Radios have the ability to program a throttle cut off and its  a good safety habit.  Removing the props on your aircraft prior to any work will shrink the probability of disasters while performing any repairs.  Using common sense is a great way to prevent accidents.


Show Notes:

S2/EP2 – Safety 

01:03 – Discussion on the dangers of the radio neck strap
04:30 – Digital radios allow throttle cut off everyone should use it
08:10 – Make sure your ESC is compatible with the throttle cut of program
09:10 – Safety tip to remove props before working on your aircraft
12:10 – Jays losing bits of himself, why you should remove your props!
27:10 – Mike recounts the reasons for his emergency room visit.
31:35 – Safe set up of your flight line and people on the field
44:10 – The Arizona Electric Festival disaster
51:04 – Closing remarks

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