Season 1,
96 min

ParkFlyer Podcast Christmas Special 2016

December 13, 2016

Michael and Jay discuss a Christmas list of all the goodies that a new flyer would want for the holidays.  They also share some of the items that they have received in the past that go well in your field tool box.  They get a chance to call Mike and Larry to discuss their wants for this holiday season.  The ParkFlyer Podcast staff would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  May your flying adventures continue throughout the New Year.  Happy Landings !

Show Notes:

Christmas Special:
01:45 – The boys discuss what they hope to see under the tree from jolly St. Nick!
40:20 – The boys call Mike Barsalou to wish him a merry Christmas
01:02:40 – Larry gets a merry ChrisKwanzaUkkha wishes
01:33:33- Closing remarks

Web Links to items discussed in the Show:

01:50 – ASW-28  Glider

03:58 – RealFlight Sim

08:00 – KingKong 130GT/Flip32 FC board/1304 4000kv/4&1 ESC/Eachine TX03 AIO

10:50 – UMX Whipit

13:00 – UMX A-10

15:00 – Timber

21:10 – Blenderm 24 pack

24:20 – Eagle EPP mini/Eagle EPP 1430mm

29:00 – Cheaper than Dirt (Hemostat Clamps Set/Pick Tool Set)

39:10 – Value Hobby (Laser/Acrocub Kit)

41:45 – Wing Dragon

42:55 – FMS a free sim

50:55 – Horizon Hobby Inductrix FPV/FPV goggles

01:03:55 – Lemon RX

01:08:23 – Value Hobby Batteries 

01:13:10 – Motion RC T6 Texan by Freewing

01:22:50 – Prop Wrench/Spinner Pliers/Motor Pliers

01:26:30 – Zip Ties/Micro shears

01:32:20 – Motion RC Bearcat by Freewing


  1. Shackman says:

    Getting better and better. This was a fun podcast as well as informative one to listen to. Having the show notes, links, and reference position bookmarks is awesome and easy to refer to at a later date.
    Sound quality is great when the fact that each of the contributors is in a different location (even different states) is taken into consideration.
    How about a podcast on making foam planes and setting CG, or one on more detailed explanation of Expo and Rates?

    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      all great suggestions lets do it!

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