Season 2,
67 Min

Jay’s New Flying Field S2E14

June 27, 2017

Now that Jay is settled in the Great state of TEXAS, he has found a place to fly RC Airplanes.  Thanks to Jim and Friends Jay was able to get in touch with the land owner and get permission to reuse the RC Field. Jim and crew were able to mow the grass runway and get set up and fly.  Jay took 2 of his newer airplanes out to Maiden and his TuffWing was there to start the day.  Michael and Jay talk about the experience Jay had during his maiden flights. Lots of good laughs and some sound advice for maiden flights in this weeks episode.  Please let us know your thoughts and comments by dropping us an email or submitting a comment.  Also take the time to head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review to help move us up the podcast ladder.  Thanks in advance to all our listeners and we appreciate your support.  Enjoy!

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