Season 2,

Hurricane Harvy hits Houston – S2E21

October 03, 2017

This week on the Parkflyer Podcast, Michael and Jay have Don Daniels as a guest on the show.  Don was hit really hard during the hurricane and lost most of his belongings and RC gear.  As the devastation piles up in Houston, Florida and the islands its nice to hear the human side of the story.  Don takes the time to share his story and some of the great things he is doing to help others.  We appreciate the opportunity to speak with Don during this trying time and enjoy his humor and good will and great attitude in spite of everything going on at this time.  In times of trouble people can band together and do great things and Don is a perfect example of what the human spirit can accomplish.  Thanks to all the people in the RC community that stepped up to help his cause, it is always great to hear others helping out.


Show Notes:

If you would like to help out Don you can send him an email at


RCG:   bayou_city_boy


Here are some of the photos we received from Don depicting the loss and devastation brought on by the flooding:


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