FPV with Peter

Michael and Jay sit down with Peter at his shop to chat about First Person View flying


Please note that the ParkFlyer Podcast staff would like to remind everyone that Flying FPV requires following the Law.  In the USA almost all FPV platforms require Licensing.  Please look into the regulations for your country and plan accordingly.  In the USA you can go to http://www.arrl.org/getting-your-technician-license to research licensing requirements.

LEVEL 1: Technician Class License

  • Exam Requirement: 35-question Technician Written Exam (Element 2).
  • Privileges: All VHF/UHF Amateur bands (frequencies above 30 MHz).
    Limited operations in certain HF bands. 

The FCC Technician License exam covers basic regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications. Morse code is not required for this license. With a Technician Class license, you will have all ham radio privileges above 30 MHz. These privileges include the very popular 2-meter band. Many Technician licensees enjoy using small (2 meter) hand-held radios to stay in touch with other hams in their area. Technicians may operate FM voice, digital packet (computers), television, single-sideband voice and several other interesting modes. You can even make international radio contacts via satellites, using relatively simple station equipment. Technician licensees now also have additional privileges on certain HF frequencies. Technicians may also operate on the 80, 40 and 15 meter bands using CW, and on the 10 meter band using CW, voice and digital modes.


  1. Doug LeRoy says:

    First of all let me compliment you on your podcast in general – very well done and good content. I enjoy listening to your show. Let me also mention that I am the President and co-founder of a local park flyer club in my community (www.hssrcg.org). I was thrilled to learn about a podcast that focuses on the park flyer and I am thankful for your time and effort producing this show.

    I wanted to give you some feedback regarding your recent episode on FPV. I was excited to see the show topic and anxious to listen. After listening to the show however, I wish this episode didn’t exist. The biggest disappointment is that it perpetuates the confusion and misinformation regarding HAM license requirements for FPV VTX operation. Does your guest have a amateur radio license? He seemed a bit coy on this point as he perpetuated the myth of a “25mw” threshold. This is incorrect information as there is no such threshold under FCC rules. It would be fantastically simple if there was such a thing but there isn’t. Even the Blade Inductrix FPV comes with a notification that a HAM license is required before you can legally operate the video transmitter in the United States. Here is an article that explains the facts better than I am able to… http://www.tested.com/tech/488686-what-you-should-know-about-getting-fcc-license-flying-fpv/

    At our club meetings we try to always stress “safety first”, “follow the law”. In your episode this messaging was reversed, the discussion of HAM requirements was covered after all the joys of FPV flying were discussed. Another aspect is that when folks operate their VTX equipment illegally, they are not complying with the AMA safety code (https://www.modelaircraft.org/files/550.pdf). See documents #580 and #550 on the AMA website which explain the licensing and safety requirements.

    Please consider a re-do, re-edit of this podcast episode. It really needs to be factually accurate and steer the noob in a good direction. It misses on both those points in its present form. Thanks for hearing me out on this. Best regards,


    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      Doug, first of all thank you so much for your support we always enjoy hearing from our listeners…we strive to keep safety in mind and steer any new flyers in the right direction. Our staff is reviewing your article and working on an opportunity to correct any misconceptions we might have passed along unknowingly. Our episodes are recorded well in advance of there release so we will try to find an episode that we can edit in your information. Thanks for your input and we welcome any suggestions our listeners might have….Cheers!.

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