In this weeks episode Michael and Jay are joined once again by Alaska Mike to talk about CG issues and how to solve them. Why CG is important and relate some stories about their adventures flying with out of CG airplanes.  Join the discussion and enjoy. Thanks for listening to the parkflyer podcast we appreciate your support.

Michael and Jay are joined by Alaska Mike to discuss the new addition to Jay’s hanger.  The Hobby King SU35 is a mid engine propeller driven foam aircraft that Jay picked up this month.  Jay shares his impression of the model with the guys and recounts some of the modifications being added to his project.  Mike B puts a plug in for his flying club up in Alaska ..the mosquito field airshow will be this month and is being held for the public.  Check the Frontier fun flyers club website for details, you can find it here ….Frontier Fun Flyers

Good luck with the airshow !

Jay and Michael received an email request asking for an explanation on how to pick the proper Motor and ESC combo’s.  The email came from Jim a gas flyer that on occasion will fly electric and was wondering about converting some of his Glow type airplanes to electric.  Michael has several gas airplanes that were converted from the start and flown as electric.  The guys discuss the different styles of flying and how to go about measuring the watts of power to get the gas or glow equivalent in your electric conversion.  Please feel free to email us stories of your conversions or any suggestions that you might have on picking motor and ESC combos. Thanks for joining us and we look froward to your next visit.

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