This weeks episode Michael and Jay get to talk to special guest Kendall Pearson.  They discuss Lipo Battery safety and how to protect yourself from fires.  Using a good charger and keeping an eye on the batteries will help you stay safe and not burn your house down. Lipo Batteries can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

Your Hosts discuss the safety aspect of flying RC.  Some do’s and Dont’s on the RC field along with a few stories of things that have happened to each of them. Common sense is a great way to prevent disasters while performing any repairs on your models.  Please feel free to comment on other safety tips you might have.

Welcome to Season 2 of our Show.  The new year brings lots of new topics and great shows to our podcast. Tonights episode Michael and Jay talk about dressing up your aircraft.  Flying foam park flyers  with no color or markings makes it hard to see at longer distances, your hosts discuss their methods of making their aircraft visible while flying.

Its always a pleasure to have special guest on our show, especially ones that have worked in the hobby. Larry was part of a testing group that took on the task of testing out a variety of receivers for long range and connection tests. It was interesting talking to him about what he found. He was also able to work with the folks over at Lemon receivers and do some initial testing for them. He joins us from Colorado Springs, Co to discuss the topic of receivers and Open Tx firmware as a follow up to our Radio episode. Thanks for Joining us Larry and look forward to having you on our show again

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