Season 2,

Spring Cleaning – S2E8

April 04, 2017

As spring is just around the corner, Jay and Michael discuss the preflight items to make sure that your plane is up to speed.


Show Notes:

2:00 SeaFury

5:38 Flying the Wings

7:10 What are the things we can do to preflight our planes

11:00 Weight and Balance measurements is always a good thing

15:00 where does this battery go?

22:00  Why is my transmitter beeping?

24:26 Did something just fall off my plane?

34:00 Is that weird noise coming from my Plane?

38:00 Back to the Sea Fury

41:00 Feel those sticks

45:28 Jay finds a flying Field in Texas

47:50 Answering Jason’s question.

49:50 Wrap up


Sea Fury aftermath


Flying the Wings



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