Season 2,

Dual Rates and Expo – S2E9

April 18, 2017

Michael and Jay discuss the set up of Dual Rates and using Expo.



Follow up of our FPV episode:

Please make sure that operating your FPV aircraft is within the laws of your country, here is the link for the AMA’s requirements here in the USA.


Show Notes:

2:10 Intro and Welcome

2:40 Follow the Law

3:14 Ham Radio License Required for FPV

9:48 Found a DJI Mavic

13:17 FAA Database and Response to the Mavic that was found

22:20 Jay is in the Hall of Justice

23:40 Shout out to Scott in Boulder

26:30 Dual Rates

39:25 EXPO

42:05 Michael Explains how Expo Works

47:05 Airplanes that would need Expo

47:50 Have you ever Sneezed while flying?

50:00 Use a simulator

51:10 Michael is not good at Math

53:02 Sprinklers at the Park

56:00 Wrap Up


One comment

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t think there is any funding for local police to enforce or assist with whatever the FAA needs done.

    I’m not sure what the FAA imagines is going to happen.

    Maybe they can produce something that will let you notify the owner of the missing model by typing in the registration number and then they let you know they have contacted the owner.

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