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This weeks episode Michael and Jay get to talk to special guest Kendall Pearson.  They discuss Lipo Battery safety and how to protect yourself from fires.  Using a good charger and keeping an eye on the batteries will help you stay safe and not burn your house down. Lipo Batteries can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

Compatible Transmitters Include: DX6e, DX6G2/G3, DX7G2, DX8G2, DX9 (Silver & Black Editions,) D18G2, DX20

Some of the new Features & Improvements include:
–  A Lap Timer system has been added to aid FPV racers.
(This feature is not available on the DX20)
–  Auto-Config is now on the first Telemetry menu, making it simpler for pilots to configure their telemetry systems.
–  Added support for new telemetry receivers to report Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). This shows as either a dBm or percentage (you select which in Telemetry Flight Log setup screen). This strength is shown on appropriate telemetry screens and during Range Test, where it can be useful for locating lost models.
–  Complete telemetry support for Alpha-6, generic Gyro, and 6-cell and 14-cell LiPo sensors.
–  The Timer system now includes the ability to have switches other than CLEAR button to reset the timer(s) separately.
–  Complete support for user-defined telemetry sensors per the Spektrum™ Telemetry specification document found on a telemetry device’s product page.

To see a complete list of features, improvements and corrections please log into your My Spektrum account and visit the “Download Updates” section for the transmitter you wish to update.

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