Battery Safety – S2E3

This weeks episode Michael and Jay get to talk to special guest Kendall Pearson.  They discuss Lipo Battery safety and how to protect yourself from fires.  Using a good charger and keeping an eye on the batteries will help you stay safe and not burn your house down. Lipo Batteries can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.


  1. Jason says:

    Another great podcast.

    I might have missed it in the show, but is there a type of fire extinguisher that we should use for lipo related fires?


    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      This is a great question and I would make sure that its not a water fire extingushier but one that has CO2. Most of the ones that you get for your kitchen or household fires will work….A lipo bag will do wonders…for that as well.

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