1. Mike Barsalou says:

    Nice touch and go!

    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      Thanks, it was fun…we had good time

  2. Shackman says:

    Great production. Enjoyed the flight and seeing my favorite park. When was this flight? Did you let Jay fly it as well? Camera lets you know just how far out over the residences and/or street you are flying. Music made for nice touch.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Host of ParkFlyer Podcast says:

      Thanks, it was the last time Jay came into town. We built the airplane together and then went out and did a maiden flight. We decided to slap cameras on it and give it a try. No because it was new Jay opted not to test it out this time around. He had reservations because he had just busted up his Beaver during landing. This was only like the 3 or 4th flight…It was fun and this thing lands like a dream. There is a Lemon Rx Stabilizer in it as well.
      Here is a link

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