Episode 1 Your first aircraft

Your host Michael and Jay talk about the types of airplanes available to the new park flyer.  Discussions of the ups and downs of the new RC pilot.  by discussing our 30+ years in the RC world we hope to help you get started with the least amount of trouble and the most amount of fun.  Learn by our mistakes and start out right with suggestions from our school of hard Knocks.  We have built and crashed our fair share of park flyer RC Aircraft and sharing our expertise with you will help you avoid the pitfalls we experienced early in our endeavors.  We get to talk to Phil and Tom out at the park and get their opinion on what type of aircraft they had starting out.  Now sit back relax and enjoy the show.


  1. MIke says:

    This is great. Thanks for doing it!

  2. MIke says:

    What do you guys think about posting an index with the podcast so we might be able to find specific spots in the podcast that someone might want to share with people?

    1. Host says:

      Works for me, we can use the show notes if you would like

  3. Shackman says:

    This episode really hit home. Brought back a lot of memories of how I learned the proper steps of which some were after failures. Some times learning the hard way embeds the correct way.
    Searching or index of subjects covered would be extremely beneficial for instruction or review.
    I’d like to see several buttons on the main page rather than having to discover via the menu button.
    Easy to listen to and excellent clarity once volume levels were boosted with less voice trail off.
    Looking forward to many more episodes.

  4. Jamie. says:

    Coolness mans!

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